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This is only applicable to D735, D335 and D717



The phone is not able to detect a headset is connected via the analog headset port or the USB port.


What if I still get the message even though a headset is present?

You may override detection by setting the switch in the audio preferences (Settings → Preferences → Audio)


Alternatively the setting

  • detect_analog_headset

may be set to off (default is on)

Note: setting name is valid as of SW but should change to headset_available_detect in later versions.

When is deactivation of detection necessary?

The phone is only able to detect

  • directly connected headsets on the analog port,
  • headsets that use the Snom EHS Advanced V2.0 and
  • USB headsets.

Headsets that have a base but are directly connected using the analog port and not using the Snom EHS Advanced V2.0 many not be correctly detected.

Example is the A170 with HW Rev R1A. A170 starting R1B support automatic detection.

In this case the detection needs to be switched off to use the headset.