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This unit is intended for indoor use only! NOT FOR OUTDOOR USE!


The  PA1 is the Swiss Army knife of the VoIP world. Apart from making announcements to single or multiple  PA1 devices, you can also use it to play music and thanks to several switchable actuators you can control a wide variety of things. Thanks to the numerous internal triggers and the possibility to control the  PA1 remotely via HTTP, the possibilities are almost endless.

Here are a few details about the PA1:
The  PA1 is a PA (Public Anouncement) IP/Multicast device with multiple inputs/outputs for interaction with other systems.

  • 2 Ethernet Ports (100 Mbps) POE
  • Keyboard input
  • 4 PINs
  • Microphone input and line out
  • Audio output (amplifier) 4 W / 8 Ohm

With PA1, you can make announcements from any Snom phone with a simple call. The PA1 is equipped with a highly efficient 4-watt amplifier (8 ohms) that can provide sound to an entire room. This integrated high-power amplifier is an ideal extension to your existing SIP telephone system to make announcements or to play background music in specific rooms, corridors and office floors. In supermarkets, airports, bus and train stations, the PA1 can be used to make announcements or conduct e-learning/webinars. In hotels, offices or hospitals, the PA1 can also be used for broadcasting.

Output PIN's

  • On the front of the PA1, four 3.3 V outputs can be used to supply circuits or relays.
  • These can be switched on or off during a call by means of a DTMF tone from the caller's telephone.
  • They can be remotely controlled via HTTP URLs..
  • You can set PA1 to use a single PIN that is turned on when a call is received and off when the call is ended.
  • For more information on PIN's click here:  PA-1 Door Phone Application


  •  At the rear of the PA1 you will find two 3.5 mm jacks, one input for the microphone and one output for a headset.


    They are to be regarded as test connections and are for installation and maintenance purposes only.
  • To connect an external loudspeaker, on which you can hear the ring tone of PA1 or the voice of the caller, please use the "speaker" ports. Please note that this is a 4 W / 8 Ohm output.

Announcement function & music streaming:

For the announcement function the  PA1 is connected to a PBX of your choice like a normal SIP phone.
To make an announcement, the PA1 is called from any SIP phone. The PA1 will answer the call automatically so you can make your announcement. After finishing the announcement you just hang up.

By default the audio output is done via a directly connectable passive speaker. The PA1 has speaker terminals and a built-in amplifier.  The power supply is as usual with VoIP phones via PoE which makes the cabling very simple.

How to set up an announcement on a Snom phone (this also applies to the PA1), via Multicast, and how to stream music via Multicast can be read here:  Multicast Audio 

Advanced function: