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  • How do Snom phones handle setting changes



Before firmware 7.3.30 all setting changes used to be rewritten immediately to the flash memory. This caused undesired side effects, like delays, etc. in certain high traffic load scenarios and could widely be eliminated in V8 firmware. In order to minimize writing of the flash memory even more only the following events are permitted (from firmware version 8.4.33 / 8.7.2 onwards):

  1. After reboot when using Auto Provisioning
  2. On manually initiated reboots (e.g. on Factory Reset or Firmware Update)
  3. On manually initiated log off of identities
  4. On manually initiated parameter change on the PUI (Settings Menu)
  5. Parameter changes via the Web User Interface - (WUI) are only be written when pressing the "Save" button in the WUI.

  6. When using TR69 Provisioning
  7. Cyclic when the cyclic store setting is set

Additionally in environments where there is no need for saving settings or address book parameters at all (e.g. when using Auto Provisioning) one can disable writing settings altogether with the setting disable_storing_changes.

Please note that restarting the phone using **## , **#* or unplugging the device will cause the settings that have not been saved manually to get lost!