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In order to reliably supply larger locations with DECT, they require detailed on-site measuring. We have put together a case with all the necessary equipment and added two tripods in a bag. With a specially designed battery pack it is possible to operate the M700 with the enclosed batteries completely wireless, within the scope of the measurement. You can find out what is in such a "Snom DECT Radio Measuring Kit" in the next point.

The DECT measuring cases can be purchased or borrowed. For inquiries about a suitcase please contact:

Scope of delivery - DECT Radio Measuring Kit

  • Shock resistant trolley case
  • 2x M700 - Base stations with battery pack
  • 4x M65 - Handsets with battery and charging station
  • 16 batteries and 1 charger or Powerbank for the M700
  • 2x tripods

Note: Learn more about how to pay attention to successfully measure a location correctly, here. DECT - 1. Multicell Deployment Guide

Learn in this video how you can use our measuring case optimally for a DECT measurement.


Preparation of a DECT Measuring

Have a labeling device ready to mark the base stations and handsets.

  1. Before each use, always charge the batteries for the M700 with the included battery charger and the handsets in the supplied charging stations.

  2. Insert the charged batteries into the first M700 and switch them on using the toggle switch on the side of the M700 (more precisely on the battery pack behind it). The ring-shaped light should start to glow on the front of the M700.

  3. Now insert a charged battery into one of the handsets and start the handset

  4. As soon as it is on, press the menu button (right of the round button in the middle) and then press *47* to start the "Discovery Modus".

  5. A list of the base stations already switched on appears within a radius of 2 meters.

  6. With the navigation button in the middle you can change to the desired MAC address with the arrows. To select a base on the handset press the button directly below the word "Select" in the lower left corner.

    ATTENTION: It is recommended to activate one station after the other to read the MAC address of the respective base station. Now you can label the last 4 characters of the MAC address on the front of each M700 from the measuring case very large. Make at least one small label with the same MAC address to label the handsets.

  7. Now assign at least one handset to each base station.

  8. Once you have labeled all handsets and base stations, you can begin with the measuring.

  9. The best way to record the measurement process is to use the attached DECT - Measuring List.

Further information on the DECT multi-cell configuration can be found here:

DECT Multi Cell Installation How-to